Professional Photo Scanning - Back-up & Preserve Non-Digital Photographs

Relive your favorite family memories

Professional Scanning Services:

Regular Scanning Prices:Up to 30 4X6 Photos: $24.99

Special Scanning Prices:Up to 15 Assorted-Sized Photos (Any size
up to 12X18: $39.99)

Please call or contact us for wide-format scanning (larger than 12X18)


photo scanThe average American, according to research, has nearly 3,000 old photos at home. Statistics show that over half of Americans have already lost old photos stored in their home!photograph scanning


Hartford Insurance reports that 74% of all Americans will experience a natural disaster sometime during their lives.
Film negatives, slides and paper photos (prints) will decompose and deteriorate over time. They will fade, discolor, get damaged by light or water, mishandling (scratches, tears, bends, etc.), humidity, spills, storms, fire, floods.
Life’s Sweet can offer the protection you need! Don’t wait until a disaster, by accident or nature robs you and your family of your treasures memories? Life’s sweet can scan, digitize and restore your slides and photos and transfer them onto DVDs. You can make backup copies and give them away to family members for future generations. Many of our customers also store backups in a safe deposit box. Remember that digital images do not degrade as they are copied from disc to disc. Once Life’s Sweet has scanned all of your slides and photos you can have us create beautiful photo books, wonderful music DVDs, you can e-mail and share your newly digitized slides and photos with family and friends, or display digitized photos on digital frames.

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