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Photo Book Testimonial
I take pictures every day. I’m one of those people who carries my camera around with me, especially since my son was recently born. Scrap booking has become too time consuming and I can’t keep up with my little boy – let alone with his pictures. Not only can I not duplicate my scrapbooks, but they have become so costly. It was such a relief to walk into Life’s Sweet and drop off 160 pictures then return a week later to pick up my beautiful book. The best part was being able to have my book duplicated as a gift for family members. I’m looking forward to having this easy and affordable way to build a library of my son’s life.

Jenny Riojas
Mom and Photo Enthusiast

Digital Photo Book Testimonial
My wife had a Life’s Sweet photo book and DVD created for my surprise 50 th birthday party. When the DVD of my life, from infancy to age 50, was playing, I was able to share some of my most precious memories with more than 50 friends and family members. It gave us all a way to review some wonderful memories.
My wife loved working with the designers at Life’s Sweet to create an unbeatable birthday present. The album is absolutely outstanding. I love it!

Chad Schrock
Recipient of Life's Sweet Photo Book Capturing His First 50 Years of Life

work photo album
I’m a consultant who is hired to organize corporate retreats. When running a leadership and teambuilding retreat for a large national health care company, I wanted to make people who work so hard remember what it feels like to play. We created a carnival where everyone got dressed up and enjoyed different carnival events. The retreat was such a success that I didn’t want any of the participants to forget how much fun it was when they worked and played together not just as a business, but as a team. I had Life’s Sweet create albums and music DVDs for each participant, so when they returned to their office, they would be reminded that their colleagues were more than just co-works, they were all teammates who liked to play, too. They loved it! The albums were the perfect parting gift after a wonderful weekend together.

Jennifer Jones
J. Jones Consulting, Inc.

photo book gift
We’re a digital photo family. My husband and I have put so much time into creating DVDs because we put all of our photos to music. But we’ve always wanted hard copies of our pictures to coincide with our photos online. I was delighted when I was given a Life’s Sweet album of our family vacation as a birthday gift. It was instant gratification to be able to curl up with our beautiful photo book and relive the memories of the special time we were able to spend with our family.

Grace Alessi,
Recipient of a Life’s Sweet Family Photo Book

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